What makes these picks so special?

Before I tell you about this exciting new Special Picks Feature, I wanted to reiterate that If you’re not 100% satisfied and making more money with any of my products, I refuse to be paid.  I will happily give you your money back on any purchases.  Guaranteed.

So, I’ve created a New Special Picks Feature that will give you a huge edge other players.  It  will not only find the horses with the best Speed & Performance figures in today’s race, but will answer the more important question: HOW those figures were earned?

For example:

  • Was the race exceptional fast early;  Setting up for closers, or was it exceptional slow early; allowing a lone speed horse to steal the race on an easy lead?
  • Did the horse a get bad trip that can only be seen from watching video replays?
  • Was the horse up against too tough of competition?
  • Was its last race just a prep race that can be ignored today?
  • How has the horse been working in the mornings?

To answer all these questions and more, I DIVE DEEP into the race using the best handicapping products on the market and watch HOURS of race replays.   All this work allows me to create these Special Picks that are guaranteed to make you more money.

AND Finally, unlike my competitors, I will always tell you EXACTLY how to bet my Special Picks.  Unfortunately my competitors likes to brag about massive payouts from their picks while never actually telling you EXACTLY how much it would cost to bet those picks.  That’s not marketing, it’s lying and I refuse to do it.

Nathan Prather